A Beginning: If You Don't Say Something You Will Never Be Heard

Listening is on the minds of many lately. A recent video - #LISTEN [ ] COVID 19 speaks a powerful message that needs to be heard. Who is listening? So much talk.

I sense urgency about putting some important things in this space. A recent project prompted this beginning. First disclosure: I am an active member my local Green Parties - both British Columbia and Canada. I came to both after years of activities that are mutually supportive of green politics and the party. Secondly, in my working life, active listening has been a necessary acquired skill. Here’s an opportunity to shed some light on the values of both.

Presently, and officially from March 29, 2020, I am a candidate for a position on the Federal Council of the Green Party of Canada, to be elected as councilor for British Columbia. Campaigns for election are mostly about talking not listening, but I’d like to change that.

I have learned over a lifetime of interactions both in my working and personal life that for me to be effective I have to pay attention to what is being said to me by others.  I struggle with saying more than is necessary, and my only excuse seems to be the feeling it is necessary to say enough to be understood.  Politics, in any arena, is about saying just enough, and now I’ve done that.

What I’d like to hear about, from those who are voting members of the Green Party, now and over time from any interested observer/participant, is what you think a political party created to defend planet earth and to address the ongoing climate crisis should be doing to live up to its mandate.

As far as the campaign goes I have outlined my priorities at, and have shared some ideas and space at . Let’s talk about these and any other matters of importance to you in the political theater.  I want to hear from you and I intend to listen – hard.

This is a beginning. Welcome.